More Dumb Food Writing [Chinese Food: Healthy, Easy and Portion-Controlled |]

by Srikanth

Chinese Food: Healthy, Easy and Portion-Controlled |

A series of dumb arguments about how practices possibly, or tangentially, related to the consumption of Chinese food, could help you lose weight, culminating in this gem:

If you cook and eat Chinese food authentically, you will also see why past reports about the mind-blowing salt and calorie content of Chinese take-out dishes misunderstand the cuisine. Yes, orange crispy beef has 1,500 calories — but it’s an atypical dish. The vast majority are steamed or lightly stir-fried, points out Farina Kingsley, the half-Chinese author of several Asian-themed Williams-Sonoma cookbooks who recently developed a Chinese-cooking app. Chinese recipes rarely call for more than two tablespoons of oil and soy sauce, and the oil is usually heart-healthy peanut oil.

According to Shelke’s calculations, if you cooked chicken breast authentic-Chinese-style five days a week instead of American-style, that would reduce your dinner each night by about 125 calories just through portion control alone. That’s 32,500 calories in a year — or almost 10 pounds by the time the Lunar New Year festivities roll around again. Now that’s something worth dragon-dancing about.”

You know, that well-known American-style chicken.