From the archives: the worst food writing of 2012 [“Overrated/Underrated: Food, Glorious and Otherwise” – The Daily Beast]

by Srikanth

Overrated/Underrated: Food, Glorious and Otherwise – The Daily Beast.

This might be the worst food writing I’ve seen in some time — from Michael Tomasky, a politics writer:

I’m Italian on my mother’s side, and I’m predictably all-in on Italian food. I could eat pasta five nights a week with no trouble. I am not, however, sweet, so to speak, on Italian deserts. Awfully cloying. Even tiramisu.

Tex-Mex … Sits too heavy on the tummy. I like me some vegetables with my food. I need to have something green, broccoli rabe (rapini to some people) being the obvious world number one.

[count the panicked use of synonyms]:

5. Coffee after dinner. What in the world is this about? I have never understood. The postprandial moment has never struck me as a time for joe. It just seems like people taking up a ritual because everyone else does it. But then I have a pretty utilitarian relationship to the bean.

1. Indian food. Okay, this isn’t really underrated, but it’s just so good. There’s a lot more to it than Vindaloo, too. Nepalese food is awesome. Southern Indian food, more fish-based, is just incredible. One of the best meals I’ve ever had was at a Southern Indian restaurant on Charlotte Street in London. Twas a beautiful thing.