I’m starting to think that James Hamblin is an agent of chaos, set loose upon the Atlantic’s readership [Toward a Definition of Yogurt – James Hamblin – The Atlantic]

by Srikanth

Toward a Definition of Yogurt – James Hamblin – The Atlantic.

The entire piece:

The commercial yogurt-covered raisin is actually the icing-covered raisin. It is sugar and hydrogenated oil (and some “yogurt powder”). It has more calories and more saturated fat than the chocolate-covered raisin

A judicious alternative is the almond, or the nothing-covered raisin.

Should we call a thing yogurt because it contains a modicum of desiccated dairy particles? When we fill an urn, does that make it a person? Some say yes. But no one markets that person as a high-energy snack food.

Tell your friends; write your congressperson.”

“Toward a definition” my ass.