An article full of information that you don’t want [Seven Dangers of Eating Eggs « Perfect Formula Diet Perfect Formula Diet]

by Srikanth

Seven Dangers of Eating Eggs « Perfect Formula Diet Perfect Formula Diet.

“The hideous conditions of chickens on factory farms has been widely reported, so many aim to eat supposedly “kinder” eggs that are labeled “free range” or “cage free” or a similar soothing label. These terms are not regulated and have no meaning. Most often, chickens suffer terribly to lay these eggs for commercial production. The laying hens must be replaced, and the male chicks who hatch to replace them are killed at birth since they have no profitable use. Often the tiny babies are ground up alive.


Still, some insist they get their eggs from rescued chickens who are treated like much-loved pets. What could be wrong with that? For starters, these eggs have the potential to harm your health and weight, just as all eggs do. Here are seven reasons to choose a non-egg breakfast.”

Vegans, Attack!