Pro Basketball player with crippling anxiety has a Marxist reading of the causes of mental illness [Chuck Klosterman on Royce White – Grantland]

by Srikanth

Chuck Klosterman on Royce White – Grantland

Royce White [has] already received about as much attention as any professional basketball player can, assuming that player has never played one minute of professional basketball.


But — if that’s true — wouldn’t that mean “mental illness” is just a normative condition? That it’s just how people are?

That doesn’t make it normal. This is based on science. If there was a flu epidemic, and 60 percent of the country had the flu, it wouldn’t make it normal … the problem is growing, and it’s growing because there’s a subtle war — in America, and in the world — between business and health. It’s no secret that 2 percent of the human population controls all the wealth and the resources, and the other 98 percent struggle their whole life to try and attain it. Right? And what ends up happening is that the 2 percent leave the 98 percent to struggle and struggle and struggle, and they eventually build up these stresses and conditions.

So … this is about late capitalism?

Definitely. Definitely.”