Take two things you like and SLAMAJAM THEM TOGETHER [Recipe of the Month: Vietnamese Egg Coffee | Legal Nomads]

by Srikanth

Recipe of the Month: Vietnamese Egg Coffee | Legal Nomads.

Some sort of Scandinavian business that I kind of totally want to try:

The addition of proteins while preparing the coffee serves two purposes: 1) it helps the coffee grounds to flocculate, allowing them to sink faster to the bottom of the pot (this effect is probably more pronounced when using eggs) and 2) the proteins bind irreversibly to astringent and bitter tasting polyphenols in coffee to form insoluble complexes that will precipitate. The end result is a clearer coffee with a pleasant and mild taste. The bitterness is only barely noticeable, but the coffee still has enough “body” so it doesn’t feel too thin!”

Don’t tell me you knew the word ‘flocculate’, too.