A quick debrief …

by Srikanth

1. “Rocket From the Grave” has a facebook page and an imdb page, and this poster:

I didn’t exactly get “savage tale of the punk rock underground” from it, although I did love the music playing as Jerry and the chap who regrettably used the phrase “Je ne sais quoi” were throwing glasses into the fireplace.

2. “Delivery in 29” — ahem — raised $500 on kickstarter

3. Sadly, the one that had the right mix of stuff, “Lucky 7” by Aggie Rozek, doesn’t have much of a web presence.  There is this shaky cam of “behind the scenes”:

4. Very little should be said again about “Pro Choice”

5. I don’t think “the Samaritans” was well-served by the scriptwriter.

6. “Voice” — and we can quibble on its merits — raised $645 on kickstarter