Did Shakespeare Have Syphilis?

by Srikanth

Did Shakespeare Have Syphilis? | PBS NewsHour.

“… In a new book, “Shakespeare’s Tremor and Orwell’s Cough: The Medical Lives of Famous Writers,”Dr. John J. Ross of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital looks at how disease and mood disorder may have infected …”

Many highlights, like:

 Like many persons with Asperger’s, [W.B. Yeats] had prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces. He could not identify his own daughter, and once inadvertently lectured T. S. Eliot on the many defects of Eliot’s poetry.

Yeats nearly died of brucellosis in 1929, but recovered thanks to shots of arsenic and horse serum. His brush with mortality inspired a quest to revive his sex drive, leading to a weird ‘rejuvenation’ surgery. Gossips called him the ‘gland old man’ and ‘a Cadillac engine in a Ford car.'”

“In 1904, young [James] Joyce’s fondness for Dublin streetwalkers led to a case of ‘gleet,’ or gonorrhea …”